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so. hm. okay. let's see. i'm back in the game, delivering for domino's on airline. guess now we can go back to throwing money around. man i <3 delivering pizza. we read this awesome thing on craigslist the other day. lemme find a link. http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/van/346308204.html there ya go. pretty much everything i've ever said fifty million times about pizza delivery. minus the bear part. none of that for me yet.

i didn't realize how much of my internet time was spent looking for a better job. i was sitting here like, shit, in twenty minutes online i've exhausted my repertoire. guess i'll have to find some new stuff to look at. edited my profile, joined a new lj community, freespeechzone. ian'll call me a conspiracy theorist for that one, for sure. ironical how the most recent post there is the article that incensed me the most today on wii news (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071111/ap_on_go_ot/terrorist_surveillance). guess that means it's meant to be. you know, i didn't think 'ironical' was a real word, i just like to say it. but spell check liked it, so whatever.

going to see jared in the morning. i talked to him like four times today. he had to keep getting off the phone to do tricks for the doctors. at least they let him eat dinner.

going to my mom's next week for thanksgiving. looking forward to that, we haven't been since july. my mom's is one of those places that 'it's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.' too much yelling. by the second or third day i'm like oh yeah, that's why i live so far away. it'll be fun though, my mom has her interferon shots on fridays so hopefully she'll be feeling okay most of the time we're there. maybe candice and anthony will stop by. that'd be cool too. i could sit and make fun of ian, candice, anthony, william, and evan while they roleplay. nerds. what i'm really looking forward to though is mardi gras. it's the most wonderful time of the year, fuck christmas. south louisiana parades are awesome.

i was talking to shelley earlier. she's taking some online classes and one of her assignments was something about television shows and the media, you know, how evil they are. she read me her teacher's comment on her essay, and apparently shelley was the only person in class who said 'if you don't like it turn it off.' according to one of her classmates, parents can't control what their children watch at home, so the media should be responsible for monitoring what they broadcast. i hate idiots. and censorship. and a lot of things, actually.

www.freerice.com is one of my new favorite sites. i took this statement as a challenge: 'There are 50 levels in all, but it is rare for people to get above level 48.' yeah, i could cheat to boost my score and feed the poor, but my ego won't let me. sucks that i'll get like a dozen right and they they throw me some obscure gaelic nonsense. yeah, i remember 'bairn' is 'child' from the girl scouts, but that's about it. so as it stands, the highest i've gotten is level 47. i did start a new round and miss some on purpose to see what the easy words were. it's stuff like 'below' and 'postage.'

tired of being sick. i was getting better, but i got some cold sores and so feel like shit again. and of course, i only had 1000 mg of famvir left, when i'm supposed to take 1500. at least it helped some.

i like nintendo.

i guess that's all for now.
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