aprilvak (aprilvak) wrote,

goal-oriented gaming et al

today i got a gold medal in wii tennis, target practice. i am very proud.

ian thinks i'm weird because i like to write things down and work on them. he calls me a goal-oriented gamer. yes, i wrote down all the wii sports training events, with my high score and current medal. well, except for boxing. i just played each of the boxing once to unlock em.

in okami, i wrote down all the stray beads i hadn't gotten and then played through just for that. i can't get #90 though, it's the race with kai and the stupid bitch cheats.

in culdcept, i wrote down all the medals i hadn't gotten and am trying to work on that once in a while. that was easy since ian put the cheat in and has all the medals. i don't have to rely on the shitty hints.

beat sonic 3 yesterday on the virtual console and ian was unhappy. i quote--"that's it???"

got an email back from talecris, the plasma center, today. 'We have reviewed your resume/CV and have decided to pursue other candidates who are more qualified for this position. We encourage you to review other open positions at our career site. We wish you the best of success in your career search.' dicks. guess i should apply for the phlebotomist position.

that is all.
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