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so, forgive the mistakes, but i'm just gonna type this with my eyes closed since one of em's patched and it's easier to make sure it's closed if the other one is as well. i'm a good typist anyway so it shouldn't be too bad.

background...monday i tripped at work and bruised up my right knee pretty good. tuesday i burned my right arm on the door of the oven whilst getting some rolls out.

wednesday i got to work, as normal, and lo and behold, around 915, i get a splash of sanitizer in my right eye. so i immediately run to the bathroom to start flushing it as there is way too much junk in the dish sink to do it there. after about ten minutes of flushing, on my way to agony, i go find the msds, and after reading 'flush immediately with water for fifteen minutes and consult a physician,' hand off the msds and go back to flushing. i do have to give it to chris, the guy from minden that nobody likes cause he sucks at his job, he got right on the phone with the company. as i continue flushing, john, the district manager, stops by, to inspect, i assume. he's a great guy to work for anyway, and checks if i'm okay and tells me not to worry, we'll get me to the hospital. the day shift manager then shows up, to pick up her car i'm assuming, promptly freaks out, then takes me to wk bossier er. nothing but a pack of idiots in registration there. i go up to the desk and tell him i've got chemicals in my eye and would like to see the triage nurse asap. he tells me just write my name down and she'll get to me. dick. so i go to the bathroom there to flush it out, come back and the triage nurse is about to call the next person but she checked with me first to make sure i wasn't dying, told me i was next, really nice girl. this other bitch got up and started throwing a fit about how somebody else got called to the back before her cousin or whatever who's pregnant and bleeding. i think they told her i was gonna be next cause i got a dirty look as well. so i get into triage. fortunately there's a sink in there so i flush some more and megan tells the nurse what happened. security showed up to deal with the crazy bitch so of course megan and i both had to share that she said 'they can call the cops, i don't care.' they ended up calling the cops. ian showed up. then i went to registration. now, this a job i had for three years. stupid bitch sitting in front of me didn't know how to do a workman's comp so she's got super ass shawn helping her out, i don't know why he didn't do it in the first place. maybe because he's too busy saying shitty things like 'if you'd brought a pizza, maybe you'd get seen faster.' oh but that pissed me off. by now i'm rocking in pain with a wet towel on my eye. somebody asked if it was getting worse and molly, my co-worker, said 'yeah, she's getting pissier.' i had to tell that dumb bitch domino's address at least three tiems and the phone number at least five times. i needed to go flush it some more, so i said 'this is my supervisor and this is my husband, they can help you,' got up, and went to the bathroom again. so got done with that, and megan and molly left ian and i sitting in the waiting room. i finally got called back and talked to the nurse, then the doctor came in and put some anesthesia drops in my eye. omg that was like when they started my toradol iv the first time i had kidney stones. heaven. then he dripped drops onto this stick that bled yellow stuff into my eye and looked at it with a blacklight. ian took a picture. he was a cool doc, ian was just picking his phone up when he turned the blacklight off, but ian said 'aww' so he turned it back on for a pic. the another nurse tested my visual acuity. i read line eight with my good eye, then line six with my bad, then messed up line seven with my bad, then eight with both. i told him that was cheating because i'd just read it, so he said ' your memory isn't taht good,' but ian corrected him. then i got to pee in a cup and blow into a box for my drug screen. then (ian got his name) dauphin flushed my eye with half a bag of saline. my main nurse's name was farrah. so ian went to cash me out since the store was alomst closed and the flushing would take a while. the doctor came back in and gave me some antibiotic ointment and a scrip for lortab and told me to have a nice day, call the ophthalmologist friday if it wasn't better. by then ian was back to we went to fill my scrip and went home. i got like no sleep until thursday afternoon/evening, and only then cause i was just so tired i'd sleep for like fifteen minutes at a time. sucks. i got up this morning and called the guy and fortunately they had a cancellation for nine so we went in and he patched my eye after looking at it and telling me there's a huge scratch on it. and told me to take the patch off tomorrow morning. then start back with the ointment and some other drops. so it's like killing me now cause i can't flush it with the celluvisc i got. i can't wait to take this patch off. so now you're up to date on that.

ps avp-r was awesome.
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